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Automatic Monoblock Filling & Sealing Machine (Vacuum)

We share glorious credentials in the list of top Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of Filling & Sealing Machine. The manufacturing of our Vacuum Monoblock Filling & Sealing Machine is done using the latest techniques under the keen observation of experts. It is well tested and can be obtained from us at competitive price.

Product Details
Monoblock is a compact Rotary Machine where in Vacuum Filling and Cap Sealing operations have been integrated on a single base frame. This concept has been innovated in the interest of user mainly of minimum initial investment, manpower and reduce length of filling line without sacrificing output and quality. Like vacuum filler excess liquids are sucked back by vacuum and thereby render same level of filling in all bottles. It is widely used in filling non - Carbonated and non - viscous liquid e.g. Liquors, Medicines, Household liquids etc. The sealing section is equipped with Automatic Cap Feeder, which eliminates manual handling of caps there by restoring hygiene and ensuring non - stop production. However, type of feeder with depend on size of ROPP Caps e.g. Hopper Feeder or vibratory Feeder.

Technical Specifications
 Model  Dimensions (in mm)    Power Requirement    Speed for 180 ml.
   Length  Breadth  Main M/C Vac. Pump   
 20/8 - Heads  3075  2210  6.5 H.P.  3.0 H.P.  120 BPM
 30/10 - Heads  3600  2700  10.0 H.P.  5.0 H.P.  180 BPM
 40/10 - Heads  3910  2695  9.0 H.P.  5.0 H.P.  240 BPM
 50/15 - Heads  3600  3300  9.0 H.P.  5.0 H.P.  300 BPM