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Automatic Linear Labelling Machine (Wet Glue)

Automatic Linear Labelling Machine (Wet Glue) that we offer is perfect for handing non-cylindrical bottles and containers. It finds extensive usage in Liquor Industry for applying single label on Elliptical / Square / Rectangular and other similar shaped bottles of any size and height. We are named among the renowned Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of Labeling Machine.

Main Features :
  • The Sturdywear resistant Stainless steel Construction of Linearomatic-R ensures quite running and long life.
  • Suitable for different sizes of Cylindrical / Round bottles and labels with extra change parts.
  • Accurate and precise positioning of labels on bottles by better gripping of bottles by infeed worms and also by top gripping belt.
  • Pneumatic Glue Pumps for feeding and recirculation of Glue.
  • Aggregate / Chamber in oil bath, thus, less wear & tear due to permanent lubrication of Gear / Cams and other related parts.
  • Model : 3:4, i.e. 3 Position Label Pallets, 4 Position Gripper Cylinder.
  • Pressing of labeled bottles with imported massage belts with imported foam.
  • Big Label magazine to accommodate more quantity of labels.
  • No Bottle - No Label.
  • Pneumatics of Festo / SMC make.
  • Speed Variable with variable speed pulley.
  • Machine height adjustment to align with other machines of Bottling line by adjustment legs.
  • Sensor at infeed for "No Bottle - Machine Stop"
  • Sensor at outfeed for: "Bottle Jamming - Machine Stop"
  • PLC controlled